6 Piece Cheesticks
12 Piece Cheesesticks
Jalepeno Poppers (8)
Giant Onion Rings (half order)
Giant Onion Rings (full order)
Fried Mushrooms (8)
Fried Pickles
Combination of any two hot appetizers
Small Salad
Large Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad
Chicken Strip Salad
Chopped Beef Salad
Chef Salad
1 Filet Catfish Platter
Chicken Fried Steak
Steak Fingers (2)
Chicken Strips (2)
Hamburger Steak
Lunch items served with two sides or sub a loaded baked potato
BBQ Sliced Brisket
BBQ Chopped Brisket
BBQ Sliced Sausage
BBQ Pulled Pork
BBQ Sausage Wrap
BBQ Sandwiches served with bbq sauce, pickles, onions
Grilled Chicken (mayo/lettuce/tomato)
Chicken Strips (mayo/lettuce/tomato)
Chicken Fried Steak (mayo/lettuce/tomato)
Ham & Cheese (hot or cold, mayo/lettuce/tomato)
BLT (6 slices bacon, mayo/lettuce/tomato)
Fish Sandwich (one piece, tarter or mayo, lettuce/tomato)
Grilled Cheese
Small Hamburger
Small Cheeseburger
Add 4 thick slices bacon to burgers
Add extra meat patty to burger
Add a bag of chips or one side order
2 Meat Combo
Brisket Plate
Sausage Plate
Half Chicken
Spare Ribs
Baby Back Ribs (1/4 slab)
Baby Back Ribs (1/2 slab)
Baby Back Ribs (full slab)
Pulled Pork
Stuffed Baked Potato
BBQ Plates served with two sides, pickles, onions, sauce & bread
5 filet catfish platter
4 filet catfish platter
3 filet catfish platter
2 filet catfish platter
7 Piece Shrimp
12 Piece Shrimp
2 Filet Catfish & 4 Shrimp
Add a Catfish Filet
Add a Shrimp
Fish & Shrimp served with two sides or sub a loaded baked potato
12 Oz. Ribeye
12 Oz. Sirloin
12 Oz. Sirloin & 4 Shrimp
Chicken Fried Steak
Large Chicken Fried Steak
Steak Finger Basket (4)
Grilled Chicken
Chicken Fried Chicken
Chicken Strips (4)
Hamburger Steak
Above served with two sides or sub a loaded baked potato
Sliced Brisket
Chopped Brisket
Pulled Pork
Spare Ribs
Baby Back Ribs
Whole Chicken
Half Chicken
Above served with BBQ Sauce, pickles, & onions
Brisket (add 2nd pound meat $7.99)
Sausage (add 2nd pound meat $4.00)
Brisket & Sausage (add 2nd pound meat $3.50)
Spare Ribs (half rack)
Spare Ribs (full rack)
Baby Back Ribs (half rack)
Baby Back Ribs (full rack)
Whole Chicken
Catfish (12 filets, 12 hush puppies)
Above come with 1 lb meat, 2 pints side item, pickles, onions, sauce, 8 pieces bread